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About us

Bulgarian Archaeological Association

BULGARIAN ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION is the oldest archaeological organisation in Bulgaria. It is established in 2000 and already 20 years supports the open mind and free lance archaeologists in Bulgaria.

The main functions of the organisation are:

- To work for popularization of cultural and historical monuments in Bulgaria and in the Balkans.

- To stimulate research and publishing.

- To organize and coordinate cultural and scientific activities in Bulgaria and neighboring countries (For example: archaeological researches, the regional and international production of publications, the archaeological exhibitions etc.)

Reenactment association "Bagachin"

The association is inspired by life in "Gradishte" - a late Roman town near village of Drenovets, and by the situated in close vicinity capital of Dacia Ripensis - Colonia Ulpia Traiana Ratiaria. The group is performing reconstructions of the soldiers of Legio XIII Gemina, located in the same region at the end of the 3rd and 4th century AD.

The association has taken part in many reenactment festivals: "Ancestral days" in Pliska, "Trajan's Gate - greatness and memory", "Plovdiv - ancient and eternal: history, ethnology, culture and art", etc.

"Bagachin" is the main organizer of the "Archaeological workshop of experimental archaeology", included in the program.

Svoge heritage program

"Svoge heritage program" is a newly established project focused on the tourist potential as an economic tool of development in the small local communities.

The main goal of the program is to stimulate local initiatives connected with the historical heritage and to help with educational and cultural activities aimed a better understanding and protection of the local culture and heritage.

Drenovets community center "Hristo Botev"

The Drenovets community center is a cultural institution founded in 1926. It works for the preservation and popularisation of the local traditions, history, and culture. The organization keeps a rich library and finance folk singing and reenactment groups with performances throughout Bulgaria.

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