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The workshop

Archaeological workshop in experimental archaeology "VITA AETERNA"

"VITA AETERNA" is a Latin phrase that means Eternal life. The slogan of the workshop symbolize the continuity of traditions and the preservation of history as part of modern life.

The archaeological workshop VITA AETERNA is a one-day event that will be organized in Drenovets on September 18, 2023 (see The Agenda section). The workshop is organized by the Reenactment group "Bagachin" which will provide original replicas of Roman toga costumes, military equipment, and objects from the everyday life of the ancient inhabitants of the area. All replicas are made from the originals found at the place. At the time of the workshop, the students will have a chance to try by themselves the ancient method of production of different goods, to touch directly on antiquity, and to better understand the way of life in ancient times.

The workshop will be organized in several experimental "rooms" with different topics:

Pottery production. Making of tegulae with stamps Leg(ionis) XIII g(eminae) Rat(iariae) and NAR | O | VR, whose originals were found at the site (see Brick stamps at the "Collection" section).

Roman cooking tradition according to the recipes of Apicius.

Weaving with a Roman vertical loom using replicas of original Weights for loom found at the site (see Ceramics at the "Collection" section)

Calligraphy - writing on a wax tablet and on leather.

The participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to taste Roman wines - the famous "Amineum" and the local "Ratiarensis".

At the time of the workshop will be demonstrated a Gladiator's battle as well as a Slave market. The participants will be able to join the demonstration as "slaves" or as "buyers". The "slaves" (of course) will not be forced to do hard physical work or other actions which violate their will, and after half an hour they will be free again.

In addition, the reenactment group "Bagachin" will demonstrate a Roman military camp showing full military equipment and different weapons used by the soldiers in the Late Antique period. Participants will be able to try to shoot with a reflex bow, throw a spear and shoot with a slingshot.

The workshop will end with a reconstruction of a Religious ceremony based on the inscription found in Drenovets - a dedication to Iovi Optimo Maximo (Jupiter, the Best and the Greatest) made by Aurelius Priscus - "dux" of Dacia Ripensis (see or Epigraphy section). A Special altar - a replica of that found at the site - will be reconstructed specially for the event. The altar will be put at the supposed location of the Temple of Jupiter near the village.

The organizers hope to turn the workshop into a regular festival that will promote the ancient archaeological site and will help for a better understanding of the local heritage.

All visitors are warmly welcome!

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